Accenture and Linkedin Partner Up for Hackfest 2016

Accenture and LinkedIn have announced they will be partnering to host Hackfest 2016, which they describe as “a first-of-its-kind student challenge to inspire innovative solutions to real-world business and human challenges in India."

Hackfest will consist of a non-stop 20-hour challenge in Bangalore, India, on September 24-25 during where students from across India will have a unique opportunity to solve real-world business and human challenges through innovative approaches and game-changing ideas. According to the joint press release, “students will need to hack, but not necessarily code, to conceive new ideas that elevate human performance at work.” 

All final and pre-final-year students across graduation and post-graduation courses in India are eligible to take part. Each student participant is required to register individually prior to the event with the deadline for entry submissions being set for August 15.

Ellyn Shook, Chief Leadership and Human Resources Officer at Accenture, commented: “We created HackFest 2016 to bring together the best brains to help solve the world’s most-challenging problems. When we think about the future of work, the solutions that worked yesterday will not necessarily work tomorrow. HackFest 2016 is a platform for extraordinary minds, representing multiple points of view, to develop inspired and innovative approaches that address some of the most difficult human and business challenges.”

Pat Wadors, Senior Vice President of LinkedIn’s global talent organization, added: “In a world where the next big thing can emerge in a flash, often with significant disruptions to business models, it’s critical to get ahead of the game and invest in ideas that drive readiness and performance. It’s exciting for us to work with this generation of young minds, who will become future leaders and the majority of tomorrow’s workforce, to imagine what we can achieve together. HackFest 2016 is also an opportunity for students to inspire others as they bring to life fresh and innovative solutions to capture opportunities ahead of us.”

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