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Savage Beta Corner: A Talk with Personic CEO and Founder Ankesh Kumar

Continuing the interviews in our Savage Beta series, Savage had a chat with Ankesh Kumar, Founder/CEO of Personic, which integrates email marketing in Messaging apps. 

S: To start, tell us a bit about Personic and what inspired the concept behind it?

AK: Personic was inspired by the potential of using Messenger applications as an additional channel for brands and their audience to interact. We are a self-funded start-up based in the San Francisco Bay Area.

S: This is not your first start-up. How have your previous experiences shaped your approach to Personic?

AK: One of the most important lessons I've learnt is it takes time for any start-up to get the product to market fit correct. Functionality of the product and articulating the value proposition. So the most important thing is to be able to stay in business and focused until you get it right. So you need to have a long enough runway to achieve this. 

S: One of the underlining premises of Personic's offering is that "Chatbots and Conversation Marketing is the future.” Why do you believe this is the case?

AK: A conversational interface is the most natural way for a user to interact with a computer, because it mimics the natural way we communicate with each other. 

S: What can we expect from Personic in the near-/mid-future that you are most excited about?

AK: Personic has unique IP around leveraging a Brand’s existing email marketing program and delivering that in FB Messenger. This is important because there already is a ROI associated with email marketing. Secondly, it's a simple way for a Brand to dip their toe into the Chatbot space.

S: What are the main reasons for which you heard companies being reluctant to deploy such solutions and how do you address them?

AK: I think everyone without exception has been excited about the possibilities. The reluctance is a combination of factors: Firstly, current priorities. Secondly looking for an external ROI to be able to sell the opportunity internally. Lastly, to do a pure chatbot that can respond to natural language is no small feat. That's why we believe brands should start with an established program like email marketing.

S: You’ll be attending the Savage Marketing 2017 conference as a Savage Beta partner — what aspect of the conference are you looking forward the most and why?  

ES: I'm looking to meet European Marketing professionals and understanding their specific challenges and opportunities they see in Europe. For example, will language be an issue for delivery of Chatbots to the European market. 

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